Meeting on challenges of physics education
School of Physics, IPM
30 January, 2014 (10 Bahman, 1392)

A physicist aspiring to carry out world class research needs a strong background education in physics at undergraduate level.  Discussing the challenges of providing and receiving such an education is the subject of this half-a-day meeting. In this meeting,  experienced physics and chemistry professors who have a vision on this important subject will convey their experience and insight to the younger generation. The meeting will be ended by an extended discussion session. Questions like the "concept of understanding physics" or" the limit to move on next concept while learning/attending physics" are the kind of topics which we intend to discuss in the meeting.

There is no registration fee and no registration is required in advance. No boarding will be provided by the organization.  Venue is the auditorium of the Famanieh building whose address can be found here and the area map can be accessed  here

Everybody is welcome to attend. The meeting will be a platform for students and professors to communicate their concerns and to hopefully come to a consensus.

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