Reza Asgari of School of Physics received " distinguished researcher in the Basic Sciences"
award by the minister of Science, Research and Technology in 2013


Reza Asgari has been working on two-dimensional electron systems namely graphene and transition metal dichalcogenide systems. To be more precise, He is interested in many-body effects by carrying out the physical quantities of many body problem and transport properties of few layer graphene and other novel 2D material systems. Furthermore, cold dipolar atom gases have attracted a lot of attention due to the novel anisotropic and long-range character of dipole-dipole interactions. He is also working on one- and two-dimensional dipolar Fermi gas systems and interested in the phase diagrams in such systems. He has been publishing more than 80 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals cited more than 1500 times with h-index=21. He is also:
1) a member of Editorial Board of " Iranian Journal of Physics Research " since 2011
2) chair, condensed matter council of physics society of Iran since 2012.
3) a member of center of excellence in Nano structure at Sharif university, Tehran, since 2012
4) an associate member in International Center of Theoretical Physics, ICTP since 2010


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