Computer Simulations of Biological Systems
29th of April- 1st of May 2014
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran


On the occasion of the bestowal of “2013 noble prize in chemistry” to the field of multi-scale modeling of complex chemical systems, this workshop aims to further appreciate the fact by gathering some recent computational advances for studying biological systems. Enhanced sampling techniques, mixed quantum mechanical-molecular mechanical (QM/MM) methods, ab initio and classical molecular dynamics together with some recent findings of these methods in Cancer progression and resistance, and different mechanisms of molecular insertion in membranes are among the topics that will be covered during 4 days of the workshop.

Registration deadline: 15 April 2014

به علت تغییر در زمان ورود برخی سخنرانان، برنامه کارگاه طی سه روز از 9 الی 11 اردیبهشت 1393 (29April- 1 May 2014)  اجرا می‌شود.

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